6.—23. 7. 2017

500 years of reformation

The link connecting all the concerts of the 13th season is the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther´s act of rebellion against the Catholic church. All the events of the festival are somehow connected to the interlinking tendencies, both uniting and conflicting, between protestant and catholic music.

6.—23. 7. 2017

Patron Pavel Śporcl

Long-standing patron of the festival will perform two concerts this season. First, he will open the festival together with the pianist Petr Jiříkovský and Janáček chamber orchestra. The second performance of the patron will be in the form of a night solo recital.

6.—23. 7. 2017

Classical music not in a classical way

Concerts take place at different untraditional places of the historical town and the surrounding natural locations. However, the quality of interpretation is not touched. One of the stars of this season is a prominent European baroque orchestra Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin.

6.—23. 7. 2017

Festival as good as its wine

In Znojmo, music is served in accompaniment with excellent wine and delicious food. At every concert you can find a local winemaker who lets you taste his wine. Some programmes are accompanied by thematic top-quality gastronomy.

Znojmo Music Festival 2017 - 13th year

The festival will once again connect excellent music with outstanding wines and the friendly atmosphere of summer Znojmo. You can expect the patron of the festival, Pavel Šporcl, but also the top ensemble in baroque music performance, AKAMUS, matiné in the middle of pristine nature as well as organ concerts in local churches, professional ensembles and also small genii.The highlight of the festival will be the stagiona. This year, a collection of Heinrich Schütz works wil tell a story of birth and death of Jesus Christ. The impressive contemporary stage design in St.Michael church will allow the authentic interpretation of the music to emerge.


Why a festival

The authentic spirit of summer-time Znojmo in combination with top performers and outstanding numbers make Music Festival Znojmo an excellent event to attend. Many parts of the programme are tailored to the festival specifics and are nowhere else to be seen or are represented here for the first time.


Autentické zpracování

authentic adaptation

The adaptation is carried out in the spirit historical music styles. 


Hudební gastronomie

wine and gastronomy

Almost twenty winemakers from Znojmo region give talks on wine and provide wine degustation.


Vlastní produkce

own production

The only festival in the Czech Republic with our own stagiona composed of the best musicians.

Netradiční místa

unconventional locations

During the festival, many places of the historical town are brought to life with music, dance and theatre.

Looking back over the past year

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